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Social Media~!

Despite my propensity for neglecting this blog, I am apparently ambitious enough to open a few social media accounts to decide which format will stick for me. Nonetheless, here's a quick breakdown:

Facebook - basically a quick summary of this website and a place where I can take reviews, post some reminders, occasional specials or share a few instagram posts:

Instagram - This is a gallery mostly showing off my equipment, events and most importantly, my clients pets. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ (I'm admittedly having a lot of fun with this one):

Google + - This one is the one I seem to have the most difficulty grasping, but I'm trying to determine if it will help me with networking. It's not much but it's here:

Of course, all three pages have buttons at the home page in the bottom right corner of the footer. Please have a look and follow whichever social media link suits your tastes best. I'll keep researching!

#socialmedia #instagram #facebook #google

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