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Catch up!

Many apologies over my neglect of the site blog! Blogging is definitely not one of my strongest abilities, but I'll work on it~ I'm a liiiiittle better about facebook, so if you're not already there, have a look:

The last few months have been BUSY! There's been an uptick in business, for which I am ecstatic about! There's also been some negotiations and changes made. For example, I am no longer working at the North Texas School of Swedish Massage as an LMT--it's a big change, since it was my very first job! Nonetheless, I shall remain on staff as an instructor for the time being.

As for what this change means for clients, all it means is that I have Monday and Wednesday afternoon appointments open for booking!

Currently, I am also in talks with some offices about providing massages for their staff, which I love to do--I love giving people something to look forward to during their workday~

July is nearly over, and August is looking to be busy--I already have an engagement during Labor Day Weekend! It won't be long before the rest of the month starts filling up...well, provided we don't all melt from the 100+ degree weather...

Keep hydrated, everyone!

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