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April showers...and pollen...and spores...

April is well upon us now, and that means (at least in Texas) lots of wind, maybe rain which gives us...yes, you guessed it: allergies from all the lovely pollen and spores out there giving everything you leave outside a fine yellow powder coat!

As many of us know from experience, massively high pollen counts and sharp shifting barometric pressure can wreak painful havoc on our sinuses leading to congestion, headaches and an assortment of other un-pleasantries.

Massage can help ease some of the symptoms, but for those who can't find the time right away to schedule an appointment, there are some things you can do to help yourselves:

- Consume raw local honey to help build resistance to some of the pollen

- Invest in a Neti Pot

(Figure out how to use a Neti pot here)

- Drink water--seriously, your circulation is a lot better when you're well hydrated! You want your sinuses to be able to process all that junk in the air, so help it along by keeping up your fluids.

With any luck, you'll be able to survive and maybe even enjoy the otherwise beautiful Spring weather!

Now as for headaches brought on by taxes...well, get yourself a nice cool gel pack and contact your massage therapist when you can.

Good luck , everyone!


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